The Process

boreDown Drilling have a simple process for you to follow. This process will enable you to fully understand how a bore is constructed.
At boreDown Drilling, we can help you through the whole process or advise you step by step:

Putting down a domestic water bore requires the following steps:

a)    Apply for a bore construction license from your local water authority (see documents) OR contact boreDown Drilling and we can do this on your behalf. 
(Vic: $670.00 Southern Rural Water Fees)
Ground water licenses are issued and controlled by the following bodies:

□    Southern Victoria: Southern Rural Water
( ph:03 5139 3100)
□    Northern Victoria:  Goulburn Murray Water Authority
( ph: 03 5833 5500 )
□    Southern NSW: Department of Water and Energy
( ph: 03 5898 3900)

b)    When the application has been approved  boreDown will do  an assessment of your site
c)    Drillling commences, tests are done to ascertain the amount of water found and the quality of the water.
d)    If water flow and quality is adequate, a pump needs to be installed either by the owner or by boreDown Drilling.

boreDown Drilling can supply and assist you with all relevant documents. 
Links are provided for further information about bore drilling inVictoria.